Lunes, Abril 1, 2013

Hello Steve Jobs :)))

Hi everyone! This is my second blog post here in my blog but this time,It's different. It's a lot more about me. I hope you understand if this post is not really good for you. I'm just beginning to explore the world of blogging although I always read fashion blogs but you know,reading is different from creating your own. :)
Summer is really here and we can all feel it,Right? So because of that I chose to look really simple with my white Steve Jobs shirt and I pair it with my black shorts that gives my look a simple minimalist style. I just add a yellow belt to add some color.

Steve Jobs Shirt: Giordano
Black shorts:Pretty in Pink
Thanks for reading everyone. :)

Miyerkules, Marso 13, 2013

Start of something new. :)

Hello Guys,this is my first ever post in this blog. I'm just so excited about this post because you will now know the people behind this blog.
(from left) Gabby,Jake,Rose,This girl gave me different ideas in creating the title of this blog. Then,There is Ashly,she is our model. Haha! Yes. I consider her as my BFF when it comes to Fashion and Styling. Haha! Then Thaipi,Our photographer. She set our "photoshoot" in a resort near them. Then,Here's my bestfriend,Angelica. Then It's me.. I'm inlove with fashion and blogging. haha! and last but not the least is Jhayrone,The clown. haha! :) They are my friends. They help me to create this blog
Love them a lot. :*